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by Dan Edwards posted Jan 22 2015 9:31AM
I was shocked to learn that radon kills over 20,000 people each year in the US. This colorless, odorless killer is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US, behind only smoking.
As part of my continuing coverage of a Happy New You in 2015 I felt it important to include your home in this campaign as it is an area that is most precious to you and it's also where you spend a great deal of time.
Highlighting National Radon Action Month, I invited Brian Huxtable of the Regional Air Pollution Control Agency to join me on the Morning Flight to talk about this stealth killer.
Brian told me, "It's a sickness that has few symptoms, until it's too late!" Brian urges every homeowner to test their home for the deadly gas that breaks down naturally underground and overtime seeps quietly into our homes, particularly homes in this region.
Brian told me radon testing kits only cost about 10 bucks and are available at most home supply outlets.
You can also get a free radon test kit through RAPCA.by calling them at 937-224-4435 or contact them on line at www.rapca.org
by Dan Edwards posted Jan 21 2015 9:31AM
This year, my wife Cynthia and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. Like most married couples, we've had our struggles but each time we've managed to come out stronger..what's the old saying "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."
As part of my coverage for a Happy New You in 2015, I wanted to include marital health as well because I'm happiest when my wife and I are in harmony.
Tim Buttrey, President of the non-profit organization True Relationships is a counselor who deals with couples in crisis.
Tim was my copilot today on the Morning Flight and he shared some good advice on how to maintain and strengthen relationships.
Tim said, "The main pillars of any relationship are the 3 H's, Honor, Honesty and Humility." Tim also added that most couple just don't make enough time for themselves. They gradually drift apart and eventually forget what made them fall in love in the first place.
Tim offered the following guideline to improve intimacy: Spend 30 minutes a day talking (and not about the kids), 3 hours a week (like a date night) as well as commit to 3 days every 3 months to dedicate to each other to reconnect.
If you'd like to connect with Tim..reach him at www.truerelationships.org Good Luck!
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by Dan Edwards posted Jan 20 2015 10:01AM
My wife Cynthia and I have made it our mission to visit as many locally-owned, Ma and Pa restaurants as our stomach's and budget will allow.
That's why we love the bi-annual Restaurant Week, hosted by the non-profit Miami Valley Restaurant Association. This week long culinary celebration ( which runs through this Sunday btw) is like one stop shopping as 43 restaurants serve-up some tasty options.
Lisa Grigsby from Dayton Dining founded Restaurant Week back in 2005. She told me, "The
10th year anniversary is something to celebrate, bringing in much needed revenue for the participants during a normally quiet time of year for participating restaurants while offering great regional exposure."
Most restaurants price their featured "Restaurant Week" entree's for $20.15. For more information, go to the Miami Valley Restaurant's Association's website at http://www.dineoutdayton.org.
by Dan Edwards posted Jan 20 2015 9:18AM
I fight with my weight all the time..particularly as I get older and my metabolism slows.
Like anything, I attack whatever I'm trying to accomplish with good information. That's why I was pleased to have Chiropractic Physician Dr.Russell K.Hulbert and Chanelle Wilson a Certified EptWorks Practitioner on the Morning Flight to share some tips on maintaining overall health and happiness in the new year.
Dr Hulbert said one of the biggest inhibitors to health is our level of stress. Many people internalize their stress causing tension in their structure that can lead to headaches and overall poor health.
Dr. Russell says he uses "NASA like" equipment to pinpoint the issues and then straighten the problem area, creating a clear path for nerves to properly function while increasing immune system functions.
Chanelle concentrates on the emotional aspect of our healing by identifying our source of stress, rooting it out before it becomes an even bigger problem. Chanelle told me, "You have to Find it, Fix It and then Forgive it!"
They also told me they offer Traveling Pampering Events that include chiropractic care, massage therapy as well as emotional and nutritional evaluations and who said doctors don't make house calls anymore.
For more info call them at Premier Family Healthcare at 937-396-2230
or visit their website @ www.premier-family-healthcare.com
by Dan Edwards posted Jan 19 2015 9:20AM
I wasn't sure Derrick Lee Foward was going to make it on the Morning Flight this morning ,given that the Dr. Martin Luther King JR Day Holiday is probably one of the busiest days on his calendar.
But, the President of the Dayton Unit of the NAACP did manage to land and we had a nice visit talking about Dr King and how his "I Have A Dream" speech still resonates with people of all ages and colors to this day.
I asked Derrick if the black youth of today understand the sacrifice and perseverance that has gone on before them to secure the freedoms they enjoy today.
Derrick suggested that those who pay attention to history do understand the significance and suggested everyone see the movie Selma..to remember that historical march for civil rights that stretched from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.. a march, that in many ways, continues today.
Derrick also
admitted he's disappointed more people, black and white, don't exercise their right to vote. Derrick made a good point by saying " There is never an OFF election year."
Derrick expressed the desire for all people in the Dayton region to remember Dr King's principals of peace to co-exist for the betterment of humanity as Dr. King spoke off during his landmark speech in 1963 in Washington D.C.before his death April 4, 1968 while standing on a balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee.
by Dan Edwards posted Jan 16 2015 11:14AM
If you've listened to Fly 92.9 you've probably heard our Project Recovery announcements talking about the growing problem in our communities..heroin overdoses that lead to death.
According to statistics from the Montgomery County Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Services, heroin accounts for almost 60 % of all drug overdose deaths.
In 2013, 225 people died from overdoses in Montgomery County, the 5TH highest overdose rate in the state. Unfortunately, those numbers are expected to go higher when 2014 statistics are compiled.
Outside the Crime Lab Morgue downtown you'll see refrigeration units that have been added to handle the overflow of bodies of overdose victims.
We hope our extended Heroin Awareness campaign will convince people to seek help.We need to kill this beast called heroin.. before it destroys more lives.
Remember: Recovery is possible!
For more information go to www.mcadamhs.org or call the Call the Project Recovery Heroin Help Line at 937-853-4343 , before it's too late.
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by Dan Edwards posted Jan 16 2015 10:35AM
It's always good to have Scott Sliver around because he's always so positive and up beat.
Scott is the Associate Lead Pastor at Vineyard Church in Beavercreek and it was a pleasure having Scott in the co-pilot's chair this morning.
Scott is CEO of the Hope Foundation that serves thousands of people much needed groceries each year.
It's hard to believe but Scott said that 40 percent of our neighbors aren't sure where their next meal is coming from.. 40%!!!
To meet the growing demand, Scott told me the Hope Foundation operates mobile food pantries in Greene and Montgomery counties providing groceries to Fairborn and Huber Heights with smaller outreaches in Cedarville, Xenia, Kettering and Northridge as well as their home base in Beavercreek at the Vineyard Church where they bag groceries every Wednesday at 5:30 PM for about an hour.
I've donated my time bagging groceries there and I can tell you it's a finely tuned operation.
Scott says the Hope Foundation is a member agency of the Foodbank in Dayton run by CEO Michelle Riley. An 88 member agencies that operate various feeding programs.
Remarkably, Scott says they can feed a family of 3 for 3 days for 3 dollars.
If you'd like more information, go to their website at www.hope4dayton.com

by Dan Edwards posted Jan 15 2015 9:28AM
It never ceases to amaze me how many caring organizations exist in the Dayton region with the sole purpose of providing support for those who need it most.
I was proud to welcome aboard the Morning Flight today Tiffany Collie and Marcia Ehlers from the Good Neighbor House located at 627 E. First Street near 5th/3rd Field.
Tiffany told me that last year they helped over 21,000 people with the basics..from pots and pans to comprehensive medical, dental and health care needs.
Marcia said that $600,000 of their 1.5 million dollar operating budget comes from generous donors. Talk about being a good neighbor!
If you'd like to help the Good Neighbor House, call Tiffany for volunteer or support information at 224-3003 or visit them on line at http://www.goodneighborhouse.org.
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by Dan Edwards posted Jan 14 2015 9:33AM
As I continue my focus on a Happy New You in 2015, my co pilot today on the Morning Flight was Dr Paul Juszczyk.
Dr Paul is one of only 3 Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioners in the State of Ohio.
He believes for total wellness you must concentrate on three important aspects of your life, mind, body and spirit and not just throw pills at the problem.
Psychologically he says you have to focus on what is preventing you from succeeding with your health care goals. After consulting with a health care expert, force yourself to continue on a healthy routine. Focus on the outcome and use that image of a better you for motivation.
Physically, Dr Paul suggests changing your habits gradually. Just 1 percent change each day can lead to big dividends. Instead of watching a TV sit com, use that 30 minutes walking around the block a couple of times.He says over a 10 day period, you've changed your behavior by 10 percent.He urges you to be patient..you didn't put weight on overnight and you wont lose it overnight either.
Bio-Chemically, Dr Paul says instead of a donut at 3 in the afternoon why not eat an apple.. once again taking small steps overtime can add up to big changes in your mind, body and soul.
For more info: Contact Dr. Paul at (513) 932-2955 or @ www.info@juszczykchiropractic.com
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by Dan Edwards posted Jan 13 2015 10:03AM
I think I have a "Scarlet and Gray Hangover." No, I didn't have a drop of alcohol last night during the huge game between the Bucks and the Ducks.
Because I had to get up at am to get to the station for the Morning Flight, my wife and I stayed home and watched the game together...yes every glorious play.( I've could've done without the 4 turnovers however..I think we were the Lucky Ducks that Oregon didn't turn those into more points)
After watching the Buckeyes prevail 42-20 in this historic game, I caught some of the post-game coverage and went to bed around 12:45.
I was still so pumped up after our TH championship I couldn't go to sleep right away. I think I finally fell asleep around 2 AM. But my scarlet and gray eyeballs from the lack of sleep is worth it.
I'm so proud of this team, coming through so much adversity, losing 2 Heisman worthy QB's as well as a valued teammate and yet remaining a strong, close-knit team to the end. It's what Midwest values are all about.
I think the nation was cheering for the Bucks last night .. even the Empire State Building was lit in Scarlet and Gray!
I also believe the win was true vindication for Defensive Coordinator Luke Fickel and his amazing defensive strategy that shut down Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota, and also vindication for the entire Big 10 whom many say is soft, slow and irrelevant.
That changed last night thanks to Urban Meyer and his award winning coaching staff.
I really don't know which was sweeter, beating Oregon for the National Championship, or wiping that smug smile off of Nick Saban's face after the Bucks Rolled the Tide, finishing SECond in that equally big game.
Anybody have any Visine?
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by Dan Edwards posted Jan 13 2015 9:47AM
Hey a tip of the Capn's Hat to the Victory Project on Dayton's east side.The faith-based program that serves under-privleged teens in our community is doing amazing things at their Troy Street facilities.
Housed in the former Thomas Graphics building, CEO/Founder Monnie Bush (a former cop) and Program Director DeMarcus Suggs ( Yes, Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens is his 1st cousin) say they are impacting forgotten teens just looking for a place and a purpose to keep them engaged and out of trouble.
If you'd like to learn more about the Victory Project, go to their web site @ www.victoryproject.org
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by Dan Edwards posted Jan 12 2015 10:20AM
I declared it Scarlet and Gray Day on the Morning Flight. Lot's of us here at Alpha Media Dayton are rooting for the Buckeyes tonight.
Even co-workers with college loyalties elsewhere have commented that they can appreciate the adversity the Buckeyes endured this year, losing 2 starting quarterbacks and still managing to knock-off the nations top teams on their way to a national championship match up tonight against the Oregon Ducks.
Personally, I've never been more proud of an Ohio State team that epitomized the team concept..others before self.Congratulations to Head Coach Urban Meyer and his award winning coaching staff.
Regardless of what happens tonight these Buckeyes are already winners in my book. Go Bucks! It's Duck Season!
You can hear tonights broadcast of the game on Fly 92.9 FM and 1410 AM ESPN Radio beginning 7 PM.
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by Dan Edwards posted Jan 9 2015 12:02PM
It's a high school basketball lovers dream come true. 41 teams from around the region and the country will be bouncing into Kettering's Trent Arena for the Flyin To The Hoop showcase next weekend, January 16 through 19.
Event CEO Eric Hortsman joined me on the Morning Flight and said this is the best year in the 13 year history of the event that generates nearly $2 million for our local economy ...in the dead of winter.
Saturday's session is nearly sold out as Franklin High School and Duke-bound Luke Kinnard will be featured.
Daily tickets are 14 bucks which lets you enjoy 7 games plus you never know who you might see.
Eric told me he's gotten calls from Michigan State's head coach Tom Izzo who said he's coming to check out some of the best Prep talent in the country.
One team is traveling all the way from California to be a part of the competition.
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by Dan Edwards posted Jan 8 2015 10:08AM
Bill Wharton from Public Health Dayton-Montgomery County says the number of reported flu cases has decreased slightly since the first of the year...to around 2300.
But Bill told me today on the Morning Flight that it's almost impossible to get accurate numbers because most people who get the flu don't report it.
Only cases that wind up in hospital emergency rooms are reported.
To avoid the spread of flu, Bill suggests the usual common sense practices, thoroughly washing your hands, covering your mouth when you cough and staying away from those coughing and to get your flu shot.
Bill says even though this years flu vacciene (which has to be projected by the CDC each spring) may not be as effective on this year strain as they prefer, he insists it's still the best thing to do to keep yourself healthy during flu season which normally peaks in February. Here's to a Happy and Healthy New You in 2015!
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by Dan Edwards posted Jan 8 2015 9:46AM
Today on the Morning Flight, an update on K9 Karson, the police dog assigned to the Wilmington Police Department that's been missing since December 23, 2014.
I got some encouraging news from W.P.D. Chief Duane Weyand who told me, this past week they've had numerous sightings of Karson, mainly East of Xenia in Greene County.
Chief Weyand said keep those reports coming because they're now "zeroing in" on Karson's precise location. He added that when they have that location, they can bring in K9 Karson's handler Officer Popp to reunite with his long lost friend.
If you spot Karson, call the Wilmington Police Department at (937) 382-3833 or the Greene County Communications Center at (937) 372-9901
A K 9 Karson facebook page has been established to track progress of the search.
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by Dan Edwards posted Jan 6 2015 9:36AM
For the first time in their 50 year history, The Community Blood Center has full shelves heading into the new year. Sher Patrick and Mark Pompilio of the Blood Center were my co pilots this morning and they told me January is National Blood Donor Month for blood centers nationwide, a month most blood centers are in short supply due to holidays, travel schedules, inclement weather and illness.
But that's not the case locally Sher told me with a sigh of relief. She said they recruit donors vigorously when a type of blood runs low at their South Main Street center, a location Sher said they are not vacating anytime soon. Mark added they like being downtown providing blood and blood products needed at their 25 partner hospitals in CBC's 15-county service area.
The Blood and Tissue Center on Research Blvd in Kettering continues to be a major mid-west anchor for donations and matches.
For donor information contact them at (937) 461-3450
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by Dan Edwards posted Jan 5 2015 10:01AM
I can't tell you how touched and moved I was this morning as Butch and Karen Kelly-Brown joined me on the Morning Flight to discuss the loss of their son Butchie in November due to laced heroin.
Even though Butch and Karen have spent much of their professional life on the radio dial, I'm sure it must have been very difficult to share this news publically for the first time on my show.
I was amazed by their composure and their resolve to help others who may be going through a simular situation with a loved one.
They told me that FilmDayton will be shooting a documentary about the heroin epidemic and how it is ripping the fabric of our community.
Karen and Butch also told me they're establishing a web site that will serve as a source of information and inspiration for those trying to get off this killer drug that takes the life of a Montgomery County resident every day and a half.
If you or someone you know needs help, call the Project Recovery Heroin Helpline at 937-853-4343 and please, if you see something, say something by calling the anonymous Heroin Tip Line at 225-6272. As Karen said, "Let's kill this monster!"
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Kettering Fairmont High School
Congrats to Harper Luczka --the Penn Station Athlete of the Month!
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