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by Dan Edwards posted Dec 19 2014 10:55AM
Long time friend and TV personality Jim Bucher jovially jumped into the co-pilot's chair today on the Morning Flight and shared his favorite Christmas memories growing up in Dayton.
Jim is a champion for the community and is always eager to talk about how much he loves the Dayton region,especially during the Holidays.
I asked him to share one of his favorite holiday memories and, without hesitation, Jim harkened back to when he was 18 working at Rikes, Dayton Mall .. long before it became Macy's. He said he was tapped to play Santa and was embarrased by some of the kids that sat on his, er Santa's lap that had lower voices than his. Plus, as a skinny teen, several pillows were needed to "fully" capture his Holly, Jolly character.
We also reminisced about memorable events that are no longer, like Ludlow Falls' spectacular light display. With that now a faint memory, Jim commented on how important attractions like Rikes windows in the Schuster Center are to our community to maintain those traditions for the next generation. To keep up with Jim go to www.buchtvguy.com or call him with your memories at 937-274-2882.Or read him weekly in the Dayton City Paper.
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by Dan Edwards posted Dec 17 2014 9:30AM
Tim Suttmiller (yes, of the famous Dayton family that formerly owned the iconic Suttmiller's Supper Club on North Main Street for years.. that's another topic for Tim and me in the near future) joined me on the Morning Flight to give us a briefing on the retail health of Cross Pointe Shopping Center. As the property manager, Tim says the reason the Center continues to remain relevent with today's busy shoppers is it's proximity to I-675, 48 and 725/Alex Bell Road. He told me, that since 1985, consumers appreciate the ability to get in and out quickly at the varied stores. He said no new stores are scheduled to open in the shopping center which he says is currently 87% occupied.He also told me that their location will help them stay successful for years to come, regardless of how much competition comes to the south suburbs.
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by Dan Edwards posted Dec 16 2014 9:26AM
On the eve of the Wright Brothers historic first flight .. I was excited to hear the efforts to solidify the Dayton region's aviation heritage are alive and well. Jay Jabour, the President of Wright B Flyer Inc. and Tim Gaffney, Communications Director for the National Aviation Heritage Alliance were my co-pilots this morning with updates on their efforts to build a brand new Wright B Flyer. Jay told me the first 1911 Wright B Flyer replication called the "Brown Bird" (built in 1984) is going to be simi-retired at Dayton Airport South for viewing and an occasional visitor flight.The cool thing about the new Wright B Flyer (built and funded entirely by volunteers) will be constructed in the Wright Brothers original airplane factory on West Third Street, the first airplane factory in America and the oldest airplane factory in the world.The site, which is also being considered for a National Park designation, will come to life with this new aviation project where America's first aviation/aeronautical engineers were born. I also shared an update on the 18 million dollar monument being planned to honor the Wright Brothers Triumph of Flight at the intersection of 75/70. Please go to their website to view this spectacular monument and to make a donation honoring the past, present and future of aviation and aeronautics in the Dayton Region.www.wrightmonument.org
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by Dan Edwards posted Dec 15 2014 9:17AM
You could see the gleem in their eyes as they talked with me about their labor of love, One Bistro on the Morning Flight this morning.Manager Deborah Lindholm and founder Robert Adamsom shared details of their "Pay It Forward" restaurant near the heart of Miamisburg.They told me in just 3 years, the 50 seat restauant has provided over 80,000 meals to hungry customers who pay what they can afford while others often time buy their meal and the meals for many who will follow. Robert says the "Biz-Nistry" has been featured in many national publications for it's continued growth based solely..or is it "souly" on donations while manager Deborah is quick to point out Chef Robert's cooking skills, gaining them local recognition as the second best restaurant in the Dayton Region. They're open for lunch Wednesday thru Friday from 11am to 2pm and Satrurday from 8am to 2pm at 110 S. Second Street in Miamisburg. Call them at 937-859-1165 or find more on line at onebistro.org
by Dan Edwards posted Dec 12 2014 10:01AM
National comedian Rob Haney and Aaron Evans, manager at Wiley's Comedy Joint in the Oregon District joined me on the Morning Flight Flyday to talk about Sunday's Toy Drive Show. Rob is the real deal, a polished stand up comedian as well a former writer for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.Rob will headline Sunday's benefit show that features 15 hilarious comedians for one great cause. The show starts at 8pm and the only admission requirement is a new, unwrapped toy. Aaron will distribute the toys over the holidays to deserving patients at Dayton Childrens Hospital.For more info go to www.wileyscomedy.com.
by Dan Edwards posted Dec 11 2014 9:23AM
I had the pleasure of being joined on the Morning Flight by Karen R. Burke, Artistic Director of the Dayton Ballet and Paul Helfrich,President of The Dayton Performing Arts Alliance. They were in such good spirits..and why not, they're responsible for putting on the Dayton Region's favorite holiday classic The Nutcracker. Backed musically by the 65 member Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, the Nutcracker comes to life with over 130 performers lighting up the Schuster Center Stage through December 22nd. Paul told me 15% of their yearly ticket sales are made on these 9 performances. Karen mentioned that it's such a family affair with performers, that last year, two dancers got engaged. I'm happy to report they're still married. If you'd like Nutcracker ticket information go to daytonperformingarts.org or call them toll free at 888-228-3630. Break a Leg!
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by Dan Edwards posted Dec 10 2014 9:23AM
Yes the ChickFila Cow mascot will become a MOOrine this Saturday teaming up with members of the Marine Corp for the Toys For Tots campaign. ChickFila Marketing Director Wendy Malone joined me on the Morning Flight to talk about the event that is from 9 until Noon this Saturday at their Beavercreek location on North Fairfield Road. She invites the kids out to visit Santa from 10 until Noon.Donate a brand new, unwrapped toy for a local boy or girl and receive a free chicken sandwich coupon.Wendy would also like to to thank a deserving local hero. If you know of a soldier who has been deployed for at least 3 months or more and returning home for the holidays, we want to thank him/her for their service by inviting them and their family to their Beavercreek store for a Family Meal Welcome Home. Nominate them by contacting Wendy by phone @ 937-371-0538 or email @ wsmalone64@gmail.com
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by Dan Edwards posted Dec 9 2014 9:46AM
LaComedia Dinner Theatre Owner Joe Adkins joined me today on the Morning Flight for a look back at what their family has meant to other families in the Dayton region during the holidays. Joe told me seeing the smiles on patrons faces as they leave the theatre is pricesless and he and his family never take it for granted. Established in 1975, Joe told me he's been with the dinner theatre for 31 years and looks forward to their 40th year celebrations next year.In the meantime, he invites your family to enjoy the Christmas Classic Miracle on 34th Street now playing through the end of the year. Joe told me that 150,000 visited their theatre last year for great Broadway performances and quality dining. One of the largest dinner theatres in the country, La Comedia is located at 765 W Central Ave, Springboro.Call for reservations at (937) 746-4554
by Dan Edwards posted Dec 8 2014 10:20AM
Pastor Craig Grammer of the First Christian Church in Springfield joined me today on the Morning Flight. He and fellow Fly 92.9 Flight Crew member Vaughn Miller told me that 750 volunteers spend four days providing a fun Christmas Celebration for the whole family.Presented as a gift to the community, the free event runs Tuesday through Friday this week, featuring carriage rides, ornament and candy making, a live nativity scene (with real camels..come out on hump day if you must..)and pictures with Santa. For more info go to their website @www.fcclife.me.
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by Dan Edwards posted Dec 8 2014 10:08AM
Developer Dave Dickerson, Partner at Miller Valentine joined me on the Morning Flight today to update us on the progress at the Montgomery Fairgrounds. Called the Midtown Project, Dickerson said the 150 million dollar project is still in the funding stages. Dave told me two major grocerers are possibly interested along with several businesses to fill the 40 acres with a mix of retail, commercial and housing options. Dave also said Phase One of this project could be the catalyst to grow across Patterson Blvd. providing attractive projects along the scenic river. He also told me the planned 18 million dollar relocation of the current fair to Brookville is going smoothly. He said developers hope to begin moving dirt by mid 2015.
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by Dan Edwards posted Dec 5 2014 12:15PM
Expect the streets and shops of Waynesville to look like a scene from Dicken's as the quaint city of 3,000 dresses up for the holidays. Dawn Schroeder from the Waynesville Chamber of Commerce joined me this morning with details of their Christmas in the Village celebration this weekend only. Dawn told me costumed characters will be mixing with some 25,000 expected guests, enjoying carriage rides, festive food and dance as well as a visit from the Santa himself.
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by Dan Edwards posted Dec 4 2014 9:33AM
UAS or unmanned aerial systems, commonly referred to as drones is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Deb Norris, Vice President of Sinclair College stopped by the Morning Flight today and told me that Sinclair is fine-tuning their curriculum for students to land the high-tech jobs of tomorrow. She says that Sinclair is one of only a handful of colleges in the country offering UAS pilot certification as well as the opportunity to actively fly drones at their partner site at the Wilmington Air Park. Sinclair is also revamping current facilities to accommodate the growing demand. For more info go to www.sinclair.edu !
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by Dan Edwards posted Dec 3 2014 9:33AM
In my day being a "Narc" or a tattle-tale was uncool. Today on the Morning Flight Captain Mike Brem of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office says we need to change that philosophy.Captain Mike says if you see something you should say something. He says at the first sign of illegal activity on your block you should call the anonymous Narcotics Tip Line at 937-225-6272 and help them stem the flow or illegal drugs being pumped intto our community. Captain Mike also shared with me that most of the drugs come into the US via Mexico with total annual sales of 64 billion dollars. Mike also told me that Americans consume 70 percent of all illegal drugs sold in the world. Another issue is Dayton's proximity to the Crossroads of America at I-75 and I-70. With fewer transportation costs involved, dealers can sell heroin cheaper in Dayton. It's a drug that does not discriminate, affecting all walks of life and all socio-economic boundaries.Another important piece of our company-wide Project Recovery Heroin Awareness Campaign is to provide help for those struggling with addiction. If you or someone you know needs help..call 937-853-4343 because recovery is possible.
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by Dan Edwards posted Dec 2 2014 9:27AM
Oakwood Mayor Bill Duncan joined me on the Morning Flight Tuesday to give us a briefing on the first annual Euro-Styled Winter Market this weekend in the Shops Of Oakwood. Mayor Duncan told me a portion of the market will be outdoors with varied artists selling unique, handcrafted items. Of course the Shops of Oakwood are dressed up for the occasion with newly added lighting and a heated fest tent where patrons can sample craft beer and wine, gourmet food trucks and live music and dance performances. Mayor Duncan says the festivities begin this Friday night from 6-10 and Saturday from Noon to 10. He suggests parking at St Alpert The Great Church and take the free shuttle to the Market. For more information go to oakwoodwintermarket.org.
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by Dan Edwards posted Dec 1 2014 10:40AM
Joe Baldasare and Barbara Stonerock of the Dayton Foundation joined me today to make a suggestion for Giving Tuesday. They suggested making a charitable contribution to the Dayton Foundation, one of the largest philanthropic foundations in the country with total assets at 470 million dollars.They told me the foundation was started by the Patterson family in 1921 as a way to fund scholarships and other worthy organizations that benefit our community on many levels through grant money.
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by Dan Edwards posted Dec 1 2014 10:26AM
Emily von Stuckrad-Smolinski and Diane Schoeffler-Warren from the Victoria Thetre Association joined me today to talk about the VTA sponsored Wintergarden Wonderland which is now open inside the Schuster Center downtown on Main and Second street. The highlight is the restored Rikes Windows, a collection of animated fugures depicting a simpler, whimisical time that have been a fixture since post World War II days in the former Rikes Department Store. Also, they urge us to bring the kids down to visit the Tike Shoppe, the store for little folks open in the Berry Reception Room with occasional visits from Santa.
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