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by G H posted Jul 22 2014 1:39PM
The George Harrison Memorial Tree is Los Angeles, planted in 2004, has died due to a beetle infestation.

The pine will be replanted soon to honor the Beatles member. It was originally planted after Harrison died in 2001 for his final days spent living in Los Angeles and due to him being an avid gardener.

No date has been set on the replanting. To read more, click here.
by G H posted Jul 18 2014 1:11PM
A video has surfaced of Tim McGraw performing in Atlanta over the weekend that appears to show the performer slapping a fan.

A rep for McGraw stated in an interview to Billboard "at the end of the night during the encore, Tim was singing out in the audience and someone firmly grabbed onto his leg and wouldn't let go as he was moving through the crowd. He instinctively swatted to try and keep them from ripping his jeans (which they succeeded at doing), and so he could get to more fans who were trying to slap hands with him before the end of the show. He didn't know who had grabbed him and was trying to keep his pants from being torn."

Watch the video and read more here.
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by G H posted Jul 17 2014 1:26PM

Blues guitarist Johnny Winter died yesterday in a hotel room in Zurich, Switzerland at the age of 70.

Winter was prominent in the blues scene during the late sixties and seventies but fought with heroin addiction soon after.

"Step Back," Winter's album featuring collaborations with artists like Eric Clapton, Joe Perry ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons, Leslie West of Mountain, is set to be released September 2 via Megaforce Records.

Read a touching tribute from Rolling Stone here.

by G H posted Jul 16 2014 11:21AM
A California production company is suing comedian and director Seth MacFarlane for infringing on their idea.

Bengal Mangle Productions LLC says that the 2012 comedy's bear Ted is "strikingly similar" to their own bear Charlie, created in 2008 and used in their YouTube videos that had received 1.2 million views between July 2009 and June 2012.

A sequel has been announced to be released on June 26, 2015. To read more, click here.

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by G H posted Jul 15 2014 1:11PM
Robin Thicke's 2013 hit "Blurred Lines" has been given the "Weird Al" Yankovic treatment.

This video is the second of eight being released in eight consecutive days. The first was a parody of Pharrell William's "Happy" called "Tacky." According to this article, it sounds like this will be the last conventional album released by Weird Al due to websites like YouTube.

Be sure to listen to his new album "Mandatory Fun" and check out the video for "Word Crimes" below.

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by G H posted Jul 14 2014 11:39AM
Tommy Ramone, original member and drummer for The Ramones, passed away on Friday at the age of 65. He was the only original member left alive until his passing.

Tommy played a major role in the band, playing drums for their first three albums and leaving the position but continuing to produce for the band's next album "Road to Ruin."

He was the only original member left alive until his passing; Joey died of cancer in 2001 at 49, Dee Dee of a drug overdose in 2002 at 50, and Johnny of cancer in 2004 at 55.

Tommy and Dee Dee wrote the song below, "Blitzkrieg Bop."

by G H posted Jul 11 2014 1:37PM
According to this article, Rosie is making her way back to The View.
She was a co-host on the show from 2006 to 2007 and has been featured as a guest since her departure.

O'Donnell will be joining Whoopi Goldberg as the only other host coming back next season. Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd both announced last week that they were not coming back to the program.
by G H posted Jul 10 2014 12:44PM
While the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards won't be taking place until Monday, Aug. 25 on NBC, the nominees were announced this morning.

One of the biggest stories from the announcement were the Netflix shows bringing in 31 nominations, including 13 for "House of Cards" and 12 for "Orange is the New Black."

Take a look at some of the nominations below, and click here to see a longer list.

Outstanding Comedy Series:
"The Big Bang Theory" (CBS)
"Louie" (FX)
"Modern Family" (ABC)
"Orange is the New Black" (Netflix)
"Silicon Valley" (HBO)
"Veep" (HBO)

Outstanding Drama Series:
"Breaking Bad" (AMC)
"Downton Abbey" (PBS)
"Game of Thrones" (HBO)
"House of Cards" (Netflix)
"Mad Men" (AMC)
"True Detective" (HBO)

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series:
Louis C.K., "Louie"
Don Cheadle, "House of Lies"
Ricky Gervais, "Derek"
Matt LeBlanc, "Episodes"
William H. Macy, "Shameless"
Jim Parsons, "The Big Bang Theory"

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series:
Lena Dunham, "Girls"
Edie Falco, "Nurse Jackie"
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, "Veep"
Melissa McCarthy, "Mike & Molly"
Amy Poehler, "Parks & Recreation"
Taylor Schilling, "Orange is the New Black"

Outstanding Miniseries:
"American Horror Story: Coven" (FX)
"Fargo" (FX)
"Luther" (BBC America)
"Treme" (HBO)
"The White Queen" (Starz)
by G H posted Jul 9 2014 12:59PM
The British website Daily Mail posted a now deleted article about the actor stating that his fiancée's mother opposed their marriage due to religious reasons.

Clooney responded to these claims via this exclusive article with USA Today.

"First of all, none of the story is factually true," he says. "The irresponsibility, in this day and age, to exploit religious differences where none exist, is at the very least negligent and more appropriately dangerous."

Daily Mail blames the mistake on being "supplied in good faith by a reputable and trusted freelance journalist."

"We accept Mr. Clooney's assurance that the story is inaccurate and we apologize to him, Miss Amal Alamuddin and her mother, Baria, for any distress caused," the website said.

Read more here.

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by G H posted Jul 8 2014 1:19PM
Zack "Danger" Brown from Columbus, Ohio wanted to make a potato salad and he asked for $10 to do so.

His Kickstarter campaign, with the sales pitch line of "basically I'm just making potato salad… I haven't decided what kind yet," has drawn in over $40,000 from backers for the project.

Perks for backing the project now include being in the kitchen when Brown makes the dish, to hats, or even a Columbus made t-shirt if you give $35.

It's unlikely that he needs any more money for the project (he has well surpassed his goal of $10) but since it's taking the Internet by storm, check it out here.

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by G H posted Jul 2 2014 2:20PM
Scary times at the Good Morning America studios in New York yesterday when a 25-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly pulled out a knife.

The man later told police that he was there to "kill Michael Strahan," co-host on the show and former Giants player.

To read more, click here.
by G H posted Jul 1 2014 2:50PM

At a concert in Cleveland on Saturday, Bruno Mars did something very special for Zumyah Thorpe, an 11-year-old who suffered brain damage and lost her pregnant mother and two younger sisters when a drunk driver hit their car in 2013.

While performing her favorite song "Just The Way You Are," Mars dedicated the concert to the girl.

Watch a video from the event below. Read more here.

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