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Lovato vs. Griffin

by Flight Crew posted Mar 26 2014 11:42AM
Kathy Griffin answered a fans question about which celebrity she thinks is the biggest d-bag. She told all of her followers on Twitter that it was Demi Lovato. Kathy thought Demi went over the top saying the Lady Gaga is promoting eating disorders when she got puked on at her SXSW show. In response to Griffins comment, Demi posted a selfie of herself pointing to Griffin in the background, the caption read “Only a douche to people I can’t stand” The picture and the tweet did not stay up long. It was almost immediately deleted. That’s not all, Demi’s fans “Lovatics” took to twitter and attacked Kathy for what she said. Some wished she would die while others threatened her. Demi apologized to Griffin about her fans attacking her and said it is not nice to cyber bully anyone. So far the incident seems to be over and forgotten. But who knows in girl world.

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03/26/2014 11:42AM
Lovato vs. Griffin
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