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by Flight Crew posted May 15 2014 12:22PM
In Bakersfield California a little boy was riding around on his tricycle while his mother watered her flowers. What they did not know was that their neighbor’s dog was on the loose and the little boy was in his sights. The dog came around the SUV and dragged the boy off his tricycle by his leg. The mother is not the hero but the family cat. Seconds into the dog chomping down on the boys leg their cat jumps in and attacks. The dog lets go of the boy and runs and the feline friend chases him away. The boy’s parents said he needed a few stitches but he will be ok. The dog however is not so lucky. Animal Control picked the dog up on Tuesday morning in an extremely aggressive state. The decision was made to euthanize the animal. The lesson for today, dogs are not mans best friend, cats are. MEOW!

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by Flight Crew posted May 15 2014 12:14PM
Oprah Winfery is being sued by an 86 year old nuclear physicist. Charles D. Goodman filed a lawsuit in San Miguel County District Court against Oprah because of the plot of land she bought near Telluride. Goodman says Oprah’s purchase unfairly blocks trails that have been open to the public for years. Winfrey bought 66 acres of land in Mountain Village for $10.85. Goodman claims the trails originally belong to the US Forest Service. But when the Forest Service traded the land access to the trails went with it. Goodman said he has no problem with Oprah building a house he just does not want to be blocked off by gates and fences. Oprah’s team is hoping to come to a compromise on land usage
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by Flight Crew posted May 15 2014 12:13PM
Robin Thicke is still desperate to get his wife, Paula Patton, back. He even wrote a new song about it. He will debut it at the Billboard Music Awards. The song is called “Get Her Back” Here are some of the lyrics, “All I wanna do is make it right.” “I gotta get her back/I gotta treat her right/I gotta cherish her for life” “I should’ve kissed you longer/I should’ve held you stronger/And I’ll wait for forever for you.” All any girl wants is to have their man right them a song right? Hopefully Robin can get his girl back.

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by Flight Crew posted May 14 2014 12:00PM
Awkward, in the wake of Jay Z and Solange’s big elevator fight that went viral, the two were seen shopping for jewelry together. Mr. Flawless himself said he personally waited on Jay Z and Solange. The pair showed no signs of any strife; they just looked at jewelry for about 20 minutes and left without buying anything. It’s still unclear why the two had a scuffle in the elevator. Rumor suggests it was because Jay Z hit Beyonce, which is not likely. Another rumor is that Jay Z promised to help launch Solange’s career but when Solange asked about it Jay Z told her he did not have the time. She didn’t want to live in her sister’s shadow anymore so she went nuts. And another rumor suggests Solange suffers from ADHD and Bipolar disorder. Until Jay Z, Beyonce, or Solange comment on the event it will remain a mystery. But it’s good to see brother and sister-in-law are on some what good terms.

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by Flight Crew posted May 14 2014 11:56AM
Justin Bieber is in even more trouble with the law now. First it was egging his neighbor’s house, then he got busted for drag racing and driving under the influence, and lets not forget his addiction to sizzurp. But now Justin allegedly tried to commit a robbery. At a San Fernando Valley batting cage, Justin and his crew got into an altercation with another group when a woman saw the incident. She pulled out her phone to take pictures, that’s when Justin went after her. She said Justin demanded that she give him her phone so he could delete any pictures taken, but when she refused he reached into her purse to try and grab it. They wrestled around until Justin ripped the phone out of her hands. But he could not complete his mission because the woman’s phone was locked. Justin gave her back her phone and demanded she unlock it so he could see any pictures she took. The woman obliged and showed Justin she did not take any pictures. She then went on to tell Justin she and her daughter just wanted to say hi. Justin retaliated by screaming “You’re humiliating yourself in front of your daughter. Why don’t you just get out of here” The woman’s daughter then began crying and she filed a complaint with the LAPD. Now the incident is under investigation.

by Flight Crew posted May 13 2014 12:22PM
Kylie Jenner could be in a lot of trouble with the law. In a recording studio Kylie was hanging with her sister Khloe, along with French Montana and Miles Richie. Miles was getting ready to get a tattoo by John Petro, a tattoo artist who has tattooed Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy. Kylie decided she wanted to help, so she threw on some gloves and started tattooing her initials on Miles’ arm, with the guidance of Petro of course. Seems like harmless fun but it is actually illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to tattoo and Kylie is only 16. If police decided to peruse Kylie, John Petro could lose his tattooing license and Kylie could be hit with a misdemeanor and be fined up to $1000 dollars. It’s all fun and games until someone underage ruins it for everyone

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by Flight Crew posted May 13 2014 12:20PM
A new sexual molestation claim has been filed against the estate of Michael Jackson by a man who claims Michael sexually abused him from age 10 to 15. This case will be added to another case by Wade Robson who has already filed a report against Michael for sexual abuse. James Safechuck is the name of the kid who appeared next to Michael in a 1987 Pepsi commercial. James denied every being sexually abused by the singer until Robson stepped forward. Rumors about the relationship between Michael and James caught everyone’s attention. Michael was often seen with James in public after their Pepsi commercial was shot. They attended the opening of “The Phantom of the Opera” together and seemed to go every where together. Question is why would James wait several years to report the incident? That is why the Estate of Michael Jackson has objected the case. It is suspicious and it has been filed to late

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by Flight Crew posted May 13 2014 12:16PM
Jay-Z was viciously attacked by his wife Beyonce’s, sister Solange. The incident took place in an elevator at the Standard Hotel right after a Met Gala after party. Luckily Jay-Z’s bodyguard was there to hold Solange back or Jay-Z could be missing teeth. It’s unclear what triggered the incident, rumor is it happened because Jay-Z hit Beyonce, but sources say that that is not the case at all. During the incident Beyonce stood off to the side not getting involved. After the group stepped off the elevator, a fuming Solange and Beyonce got into one car while security escorted Jay-Z to a different car. Hopefully whatever caused this fight will not cause a rift in the family

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by Flight Crew posted May 12 2014 12:08PM
Hugh Jackman had another skin cancer scare after he found a growth on his nose. Six months ago the “X-men” star under went surgery on a basal cell carcinoma. He posted a photo on instagram, sporting a bandage on his nose. The caption read: “Another Basel Cell Carcinoma. All out now. Thanks Dr. Albom and Dr. Arian. PLEASE! PLEASE! WEAR SUNSCREEN!!”  Last year Jackman’s wife encouraged him to see a dermatologist to get the growth checked. When he finally agreed after putting it off for a year, he discovered it was cancer. Hugh Jackman learned two valuable lessons. 1) Always wear sunscreen and 2) always listen to your wife.

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by Flight Crew posted May 12 2014 12:04PM got kicked out of the first class lounge of an American airline, after staff said he was carrying a fake membership card. was left feeling pretty embarrassed as well as stranded when the air crew kicked him off the plane. But he took to twitter to air his grievances. “#unitedAIRLINES is the worst. Im a member and I have my card to prove it. But they tell me my card is fake and kick me out of the lounge. #ouch…Ha ha ha I got kicked out the club. #unitedCLUBsucks” Guess will be left to “Scream and Shout and let it all out.”

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by Flight Crew posted May 12 2014 11:57AM
Chris Brown can not catch a break but at least he is being honest. Last Friday Brown was ordered to remain in Los Angeles jail after he admitted to violating his probation, by getting into an altercation in Washington DC last year. Judge James R. Brandlin sentenced Brown to serve an additional 131 days in jail, although he will probably get out sooner. Brown is suppose to serve a year in county jail but the judge is giving him credit for eight months. These credits include when the singer spent time in jail and in rehab, as well as credit for good behavior behind bars. Browns lawyer sees Chris getting out rather quickly. “If he isn’t out by Monday then I would expect that he’s getting special treatment.” The world will just have to wait and see what happens. Via MSN Wonderall.

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by Flight Crew posted May 9 2014 12:34PM
The prosecutor working the Justin Bieber egging case has told the victim, “If the incident is not felony vandalism then nothing is.” Back in January, Justin along with a few friends egged his neighbor’s house which caused several thousands of dollars in damage. The bill the neighbor came up with was, 20k to repair what Bieber had destroyed. Surveillance video shows Bieber smack dab in the middle of the action, and his neighbor and his daughter also saw Justin during the egging. There is no way Justin can squirm his way out of this. Now the only thing standing between justice for the neighbor is what the D.A. will charge Bieber with, a felony or a misdemeanor. The office is split between the two verdicts.  The guy handling the egging case however says it is for sure a felony. Hopefully justice will be served for the neighbor and Justine can get a taste of reality. 

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by Flight Crew posted May 9 2014 12:25PM
After lying in a hospital bed for more then nine days Miley Cyrus has found her cure. Partying till dawn with none other then the legendary party girl herself, Kate Moss. Miley was admitted to the hospital due to a sever allergic reaction to some antibiotics. She had to cancel several of her tour dates just to recover. Miley was spotted rocking her best bra and leggings, hitting up several clubs in London. She did not roll into her hotel until 3:30am with Kate Moss in tow. The overall best cure for an allergic reactions is not bed rest but a night out full of booze, dancing and of course Kate Moss

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by Flight Crew posted May 9 2014 12:20PM
Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is expecting once again but this time it’s a little girl. Snooki made a blog post on her website revealing that she is pregnant for the second time as well as not knowing what the sex of her baby is. Her fiancé Jionne LaValle however knows the sex of their baby and wanted to surprise Snooki and their first child Lorenzo. He put certain color balloons in a bin for the Snooki to open so she could see what sex her baby will be. Pink balloons revealed it was a girl. Snooki’s bff and Jersey Shore co-star Jenni “Jwoww” Farley also revealed that she will be having a baby girl. Sounds like double trouble given the fact that Snooki and Jwoww raised a lot of hell on the Jersey Shore. Hopefully their daughters will not follow in their mommy’s foot steps. If they do could there possibly be a Jersey Shore 2: Next Generation……let’s hope not.
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by Flight Crew posted May 7 2014 1:10PM
Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s daughter Willow has been raising some questions on social media sites. A black and white photo of the 13 year old was posted on Instagram but she was not alone in the photo. Beside her was Moises Arias, better known as Rico on Hanna Montana. The photo shows Willow fully clothed wrapped up in a blanket lying down, and a shirtless Moises sitting up. You can probably guess the questions people are asking. Although in the picture its clear Willow and Moises are not touching some people are still calling it perverted. Moises posted the photo to his Instagram and Tumbler page. But after raising a few eyebrows from his followers, he took the picture off of Instagram but it still remains on tumbler. Moises says he is good friends with Willow as well as her brother Jaden, Jaden’s on-off again girlfriend Kendall and Kylie Jenner. He insists there is nothing going on between Willow and himself, they are just friends.

by Flight Crew posted May 7 2014 1:05PM
Mekhi Phifer better call a doctor. The former “ER” star has filed for bankruptcy. Phifer is claiming roughly $67,000 in assets and he is $1.3 million dollars in debt. He said he spends around $11,600 in monthly expenses but only brings in roughly $7,500 a month. He owes 1.2 million dollars in back taxes, 50k in lawyer bills and $4,500 in back child support. Mekhi’s small list of assets include: a leather bed, a twelve year old segway (valued at $1,500), a shotgun, and two 9mm pistols. Hopefully Mekhi Phifer can come out of this alive, unlike his character on “ER.”
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by Flight Crew posted May 6 2014 11:40AM
Redfoo one half member of LMFAO has given Rick Ross an ultimatum; either they settle their law suit or Rick Ross will feel the fury of Redfoo. Ross is suing LMFAO because they stole a lyric from his song “Hustlin” for their smash hit “Party Rock Anthem.” But instead of “Everyday I’m Hustlin” they turned it into “Everyday I’m Shufflin.” LMFAO even admits to playing a lyric of Ross’ from a few years back but they claim that is how the music biz works. Redfoo said if he and Rick Ross were to come face-to-face they can clear up any misunderstanding with their fists. Redfoo vs. Rick Ross, it’s a pretty safe bet who would actually win that fight.

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by Flight Crew posted May 6 2014 11:30AM
Only Usher can turn a cop chase into a fan photo op. Early Sunday morning around 2am Usher was driving around when a cop spotted him and started aggressively following the singer. Usher even coasted through a yellow light and the cop sped up to him, which caused him to run a red light. As Usher pulled up outside of Rock and Reilly’s Pub, the cop flashed his red and blue lights. But here is the best part, Usher did not get a speeding ticket (Which is why the cop started following him in the first place) but instead all he had to do was pose for a picture with the cop. Usher got off scot free. No tickets, no violations and no warnings. Guess the LAPD is very fond of Usher and had to chase him down for a quick photo. After all it’s not against the rules for cops to take pictures with celebrities.

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by Flight Crew posted May 5 2014 1:05PM
Flo Rida is having major baby mama drama. The alleged baby mama claims Flo Ride has not given her a cent for prenatal care but did offer her money for an abortion. Natasha Georgette Williams is fighting the “Wild Ones” singer in court for financial assistance. She says Flo will not acknowledge that he is the dad, but according to court documents he demanded Natasha get an abortion, which she refused to do. Flo wants a DNA test done to prove he is in fact the father; Natasha however is not so willing. Doctors told her a DNA test would be invasive and it would be risky for the baby’s health. But she is more then willing to do a DNA test after the baby is born.

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by Flight Crew posted May 5 2014 12:56PM
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…. At least that is what should happen. But now there may be another feud between Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner. At Coachella last month Selena got mad at Kylie for flirting with Justin Bieber, but Kylie insisted there was no flirting. Now Bieber snapped a photo of himself along with Kylie after a Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight. They hung out in Vegas and had a good time but Kylie still insists her and Justin are just friends nothing more and nothing less. In town with Kylie was her big sis Khloe Kardashian, French Montana, Kendrick Lamar, and Bieber’s pal Lil Za. They all stayed at the Hard Rock hotel and just had a fun weekend in Sin City. Hopefully when Selena finds out she won’t get too jealous.

by Flight Crew posted May 5 2014 12:44PM
Mel Gibson will have his battery conviction erased from his record. Gibson was charged with battery after hitting Oksana Grigorieva in the mouth causing several of her veneers to fall out. Gibson even confessed to hitting Grigorieva with an open hand. “I slapped Oksana one time with an open hand in an attempt to bring her back to reality.” Mel’s lawyer filed legal documents asking the judge to erase this incident from his record. Mel has completed all the requirements the judge gave him in March 2011. Those requirements included 52 weeks of counseling and 16 hours of community service as well as maintaining a peaceful contact with Grigorieva. Gibson completed 3 years of probation which ended this past march. The hearing is set for a later date this month where the judge will allow Mel to withdraw his plea and the case will be dismissed as well as expunged from his record.
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by Flight Crew posted May 2 2014 11:37AM
A One Direction Concert at Lima’s Estadio Nacional in Peru left 47 young fans being treated for asphyxia. Asphyxia is a potentially life threatening condition caused by lack of oxygen or excess of carbon dioxide to the body. After the concert doors opened up, fans rushed to get as close to the stage as possible. That’s when the dangerous conditions commenced. Through out 1D’s concert, fans continued to push to the stage even with the band pleading them to stop.  The concert went on as planned and no serious injuries or fatalities have been reported. Emergency tents were set up at the venue to treat those who were experiencing symptoms of asphyxia. 

by Flight Crew posted May 2 2014 10:59AM

Are YOU a Big Boy? Some people make it look natural (see above), but others have to work at it! What better place to try out your new Big Boy look than at Frisch's Founder's Day, May 3rd at your local Frisch's Big Boy!  That's where you'll get a Frisch's Big Boy sandwich just for dressing as the most well dressed gent around--BIG BOY! 

Frisch’s founding father Dave Frisch was born in Cincinnati on May 3, 1902. In 1939, Dave opened The Mainliner, the first year round drive-in restaurant in the Cincinnati area. Nine years later he opened the first Frisch’s Big Boy on Central Parkway in Cincinnati. To celebrate, Frisch is offering a FREE Big Boy sandwich to any customer who visits one of the family restaurants dressed as Big Boy. Happy Founder’s Day, Frisch’s!

Join us tomorrow at 8181 Springboro Pike in Miamisburg from noon-2pm as the Flight Crew celebrates Founder's Day! Dress up like Big Boy for a free Big Boy sandwich... and maybe some extra prizes from Fly 92.9!  Click here for more info on Founder's Day!
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by Flight Crew posted May 1 2014 12:39PM
Last weeks story about Selena Gomez ending her friendship with the Jenner sisters on instagram and in real life has surfaced once again but this time, there is a cause to the falling out. Justin Bieber. At Coachella the Jenner sisters, Selena, Justin and his crew all hung out. But when Kylie Jenner started flirting with Justin and his friends that’s when things between the sisters and Selena turned sour. Selena got so jealous and that’s why she cut them out. But that’s not it, after being snapped in a photo with Orlando Bloom outside Chelsea Handlers stand up show, Justin got a little jealous. He retaliated by going to lunch with Kendall Jenner this past Monday and he instagramed a photo of himself with Orlando blooms wife. The caption read, “Super cute. So proud of you” The jealousy war rages on, it’s like high school all over again.

by Flight Crew posted May 1 2014 12:34PM
It’s been a bad year so far for Naya Rivera. Her engagement with Big Sean ended and now rumor has it she has been fired from the hit TV show Glee. An on set feud between Rivera and Lea Michele, as well as producers led to Rivera’s falling out. The producers said they are writing her out of the script and showing her the exit. Naya’s rep however denies these rumors. “Any reports or rumors circulating that Naya Rivera was let go or fired from 'Glee' are absolutely untrue. End of story”  Its still unclear if she is still apart of Glee or not but if Rivera has anymore bad antics on set her future with the musical show doesn’t look too bright  

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by Flight Crew posted May 1 2014 12:32PM
Remember when Lindsay Lohan released a list of all the guys in Hollywood she slept with? Well James Franco was on that list but he swears on his mother’s life he never slept with Lindsay. He did however admit to making out with her. It happened in 2004 when Franco was 25 and Lindsay was 17. The same age as the girl Franco tired to pick up on instagram just last month, weird coincidence. Franco said it’s very obvious to him and some of his friends that Lindsay liked him. He and Lindsay did cross paths again several years later when they stayed in the same hotel in LA. It was during Lindsay’s dark history days, when she drank all the time and did drugs. Franco said Lindsay tried to peruade the front desk hotel clerk to give her a key to his room. Of course she did not get a key but that did not stop Lindsay from breaking into his room. At 3am Franco was sitting on a couch eating chips when he looked up and saw Lindsay standing there. It’s clear now that whenever Franco and Lindsay come into contact things get weird.
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