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by Flight Crew posted Mar 31 2014 11:46AM
Paul Walker said to his mother, Cheryl Walker, the day of his death that he wanted her to look after his daughter Meadow since Rebecca Soteros, the mother of Meadow, is an alcoholic. Cheryl is fighting for custody but has agreed to back off if Rebecca can go to rehab and get clean. She started a detox program on Friday and will be in full time rehab this week. Rebecca said it’s so important for her to be with her daughter and she will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Currently Meadow is staying with other family members until her mom can prove she’s clean and can be a proper guardian for her daughter.

by Flight Crew posted Mar 31 2014 11:20AM
Snoop Dog/Lion’s uncle June Bug has lost his fight with cancer. He was given only one day to live after being diagnosed with colon cancer. But Uncle June Bug was able to hold on for almost a week. His nephew Daz Dillinger said his uncle died around 9:30am on Sunday and it happened right after Snoop arrived. June Bug acknowledged Snoops arrival and passed on. Rest in Peace Uncle June Bug. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.

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by Flight Crew posted Mar 31 2014 11:17AM
The last story on Zac was that he was in downtown LA when he and his so called bodyguard, who is actually a convicted drug dealer, got into a scuffle with some dangerous people. Friends say Zac was only in downtown LA to purchase drugs, and all they really want is to help him stay sober. Zac never went to rehab he just received private therapy sessions at a friends house. But Zac is not taking kindly to his friend’s suspicions. Apparently if anyone is to question Efron’s sobriety they get the boot out of his life. He says he is not on a destructive path downward but everyone else thinks differently. His friends fear he may be the next Cory Monteith if he does not get help.

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by Flight Crew posted Mar 29 2014 11:19PM

Our UD Flyers couldn't quite make the Final Four, but they put on a GREAT show!  CLICK HERE for the full run down of Dayton/Florida game, or just remember the good times with us.

Luckily, someone was kind enough to edit the happiness into one video for us!  #FlyerNation!

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by Flight Crew posted Mar 28 2014 11:16AM
As the whole world knows by now Justin Beiber has just been in a mess with the law. Back in 2012 the “Baby” singer allegedly kicked a photog in the stomach, and the victim said Selena Gomez was right there. She has been subpoenaed by the court to testify under oath. But what lawyers really want most out of Selena is her pillow talk with the Beibs. They want to know everything about conversations Gomez and Beiber had about his feelings and his short temper when it comes to the paparazzi. It’s obviously that when Selena and Justin are together, trouble is not far behind. These two need to separate permanently.

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by Flight Crew posted Mar 28 2014 11:13AM
Friends of Zac Efron are worried he has falling of the road of recovery and slipped back into drugs. At midnight Zac and his bodyguard took a drive into downtown LA where it is reportedly very dangerous and crawling with drug dealers. Zac told police his car had run out of gas when he and his bodyguard were attacked by transients. But his friends think differently. Reports claim Zac had went to rehab twice last year to kick his cocaine habit but nobody can confirm that Zac actually went. Now he is losing friends because he can not stay on the road to recovery. Police are skeptical of the attacks Zac claims happened. When policed arrived to aid Zac and his bodyguard they said his bodyguard was sitting in the car texting away. Friends worry for Zac because reports show that his “bodyguard” is actually a convicted drug dealer. It looks like Zac is slipping back down a dangerous path. Hopefully he can pull himself out before things get even worse.

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by Flight Crew posted Mar 27 2014 11:19PM

Congratulations to the Dayton Flyers!!  UD emerges victorious against Stanford! On to the Elite Eight and... do we jinx it... even bigger things?!  #FlyerNation

Read more.

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by Flight Crew posted Mar 27 2014 1:25PM
Lady Gaga may be the head woman in charge when it comes to her career but when it comes to her love life she admits she plays the submissive role. In an interview she said that her boo, Taylor Kinney, is too busy and that he shouldn’t have to come home worrying about what’s for dinner or anything. Gaga takes care of it all. She explains the being submissive does not make her of lesser value then her boyfriend. She just likes to take care of him when he works all day long. Cute gaga very cute.

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by Flight Crew posted Mar 26 2014 11:42AM
Kathy Griffin answered a fans question about which celebrity she thinks is the biggest d-bag. She told all of her followers on Twitter that it was Demi Lovato. Kathy thought Demi went over the top saying the Lady Gaga is promoting eating disorders when she got puked on at her SXSW show. In response to Griffins comment, Demi posted a selfie of herself pointing to Griffin in the background, the caption read “Only a douche to people I can’t stand” The picture and the tweet did not stay up long. It was almost immediately deleted. That’s not all, Demi’s fans “Lovatics” took to twitter and attacked Kathy for what she said. Some wished she would die while others threatened her. Demi apologized to Griffin about her fans attacking her and said it is not nice to cyber bully anyone. So far the incident seems to be over and forgotten. But who knows in girl world.

by Flight Crew posted Mar 26 2014 11:39AM
Timothy Sweet the stalker fan that says he is married to the Grammy winning singer has a restraining order against him. Taylor was granted a temporary restraining order against her overly obsessive fan, who said he would kill anyone who tried to come between him and Taylor, including her family. Swift claimed that Sweet wrote messages stating he would do whatever it took to be with his “wife”. Taylor feared for her safety in public and at her home, where Timothy has been. A judge granted Taylor a three year restraining order. Let’s home that long enough for this guy to get a grip on reality.

by Flight Crew posted Mar 26 2014 11:33AM
Riff Raff took Katy Perry on a date last week and now the rapper is smitten. He said he would love to take the “Roar” singer out again. The two went out for sushi, bowling and drinks, which turned out to be a splendid time for the both of them. Riff Raff is very attracted to busted women and Katy Perry is the perfect package for him. He is hoping to take her out again once she is back in the country. Are they an odd couple or do they go together perfectly? We will find out if Riff Raff does take the “Dark Horse” singer out again.

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by Flight Crew posted Mar 25 2014 11:55AM
Singer Ariana Grande is nursing three broken toes after slipping in some dog urine at her home. After the incident Ari texted her manager Scooter Braun, and told him about the incident. He apparently got a kick out of it because he posted the exchange on instagram captioning “Monday morning texts from @arianagrande are always the best. Lol. Gotta love this girl. Feel better Ari." Ariana is a good sport laughing at herself as well and we are glad she is doing alright. Next time hopefully she will look where she is walking.
VIA Wonderwall

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by Flight Crew posted Mar 24 2014 11:22AM
All should know by now that Robin Thicke and Paula Patton are on their way to divorce. But Thicke has been doing just about everything he can to win the love of his life back. But after constant flirting with other women and grabbing another girls butt, Paula is not taking Robin back. The “Blurred Lines” singer has apologized at concerts, hoping to woo his lady back, but Paula said Robin is not trying hard enough to prove he is a good husband. So far papers have not been filed and Paula has not yet met with a divorce lawyer. Maybe there is hope for the dwindling couple, if Robin can prove he is a good husband, or maybe all hope is lost and Robin should move on and let Paula do what she wants to do.

by Flight Crew posted Mar 24 2014 11:20AM
Homeland star James Rebhorn has passed away from skin cancer at 65. His wife said he was diagnosed with melanoma in 1992 and that James had been getting treatment ever since. Recently Rebhorn’s condition had been getting worse and he began receiving hospice care at his New Jersey home. But no matter how bad the Homelands stars condition got he insisted on working. James was in films such as “Meet the Parents”, “Independence Day”, “Scent of a Woman”, and he played a lawyer in the final season of “Seinfeld”.  He will be missed by family, friends, and all of his fans. Rest in Peace James Rebhorn.

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by Flight Crew posted Mar 23 2014 10:00AM

THIS is how a school president should celebrate a big win! University of Dayton's President Dan Curran is literally crowd surfing after Dayton's big win over Syracuse!
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by Flight Crew posted Mar 21 2014 11:45AM
That’s right, Katy Perry and Rob Pattinson, the man known for his big role as Edward Cullen’s in the Twilight movies, have started heating up. Sources say the two have started texting more often and things are getting a hot between them. Katy was dating singer John Mayer but the couple split in February, neither have said why but it is said to be Katy’s hectic work schedule. Rob was Katy’s shoulder to cry on when things with her and John got bad. Although it is not confirmed if the two are dating yet, rumor has it they planned a secret get together in Toronto, where Rob is filming. Rob had dated his twilight co star Kristen Stewart but they split after Stewart got caught cheating with married director Rupert Sanders. Not sure it’s a good idea for Katy to rush into another relationship but you only live once right?

by Flight Crew posted Mar 21 2014 11:41AM
It’s been almost four months since the Fast and Furious star, Paul Walker died in a car accident. As if that wasn’t hard enough on the family, now more problems are arising. Paul’s mother Cheryl Walker is fighting for custody of his daughter Meadow. Rebecca Soteros, Paul’s girlfriend and the mother of his daughter has been struggling with alcoholism. She has been arrested and charged with two DUI’s, with the most recent one being issued just last year. According to Paul’s will, he left 25 million dollars to his daughter and named his mother Cheryl, the guardian of the money. He knew Rebecca would not be able to handle taking care of Meadow, which is why on the day of his death he asked his mother to look after her. Even after his death Paul is still taking care of his daughter. Rest in Peace Paul Walker. You are greatly missed by all.

by Flight Crew posted Mar 20 2014 11:54AM
Everyone knows all to well the Teen Mom star turned porn star, Farrah Abraham. She has two sex tapes and a line of sex toys coming out, but how does her fellow teen moms feel about her? Well they want her out. MTV is in talks of reviving the first Teen Mom with stars, Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood and well maybe Farrah. But her co stars want her gone if they do in fact bring Teen Mom back. They said they do not want their kids on a show were Farrah talks about sex toys or anything else in her porn career. MTV is seriously thinking about giving the girls what they want. Farrah said she’s not affected by what her co stars have to say. Her attention seeking ways probably won’t be missed by fans or her fellow Teen Moms.

by Flight Crew posted Mar 20 2014 11:37AM
Justin Beiber is all set to make the big move from LA to ALT but the only problem standing in is way is a little bill that needs paid before he can go. The bill is 85,000 dollars, which has to be paid before Justin can sell him house. He had a mechanic lien against the home, the house that Khloe Kardashian has purchased helping pave the way for the Biebs to leave. But if Justin doesn’t pay up by next week the deal will fall through and he will be stuck in LA. Sources say Justin’s team will do whatever it takes to settle the problem. Lets home he will not be egging his new neighbors house after he moves.

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by Flight Crew posted Mar 19 2014 12:47PM
On the way to New Orleans for her Bangerz tour Miley’s tour bus caught fire. Thankfully everyone made it out in time and nobody was injured. Miley’s little sister Noah caught the incident on video and posted it to her instagram. She later tweeted that her and everyone did in fact make it out safe. The fire was believed to be cause by a tire that blew which sparked the fire. Miley, her mom Tish, and her little sister Noah were all on that particular bus. Tish and Noah’s belonging were consumed in the flames. We are glad everyone made it out alive.

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by Flight Crew posted Mar 17 2014 3:40PM
L’Wren Scott, longtime girlfriend of Rolling Stone's Mick Jagger, was found dead in her New York apartment in an apparent suicide. Jagger has said that he is "completely shocked and devastated by the news."  CLICK HERE for more info.
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by Flight Crew posted Mar 17 2014 11:49AM
In 2009 Lady Gaga had 3 million dollars to her name, and she used all of it to make her Monster Ball Tour stage. Despite having “Bad Romance” all over the radio and being one of the countries biggest singing sensations, she had no money to her name what so ever. But she went on and performed her tour, she caught the attention of Author Fogel, the chairman of Live Nations global touring division. He made a deal with Gaga and wrote her a 40 million dollar check which she said changed her life as well as her families. Lets hope she doesn’t burn through the 40 million and get herself right back into bankruptcy.

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by Flight Crew posted Mar 17 2014 11:39AM
You heard right. Looks like Rihanna&rsquo;s days with Chris Brown are over because she is now in a seriously relationship with Drizzy Drake. After flying under the radar about their romance, TMZ reported the couple has finally let the cat out of the bag. Rihanna has spent every day with Drake since meeting up with him for his European tour. They have been on various dates and sources close to Drake says he has never been happier. Let just hope that when Chris Brown finds out fists won&rsquo;t be flying.<br />
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by Flight Crew posted Mar 14 2014 1:25PM
Miley signature tongue pose has gotten her in trouble. The “Wrecking Ball” singers Bangerz tour features a huge cut out of her head with her tongue as a slide. Charles Nicholas Sarris has filed a lawsuit against ShowFX Inc, which is an equipment company in LA that Miley hired to make the giant tongue slide. Sarris was hired on to assist in constructing the slide when he got badly injured on the job. He claims ShowFX never warned him of potential dangers in constructing the tongue slide. Now he wants money for damages. Let this be a warning to everyone to watch out for Miley’s tongue.

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by Flight Crew posted Mar 14 2014 1:12PM
During her SXSW show Lady Gaga was playing the drums to one of her songs called “Swine” when an artist puked green liquid all over her. Turns out it was no accident, the puker, Millie Brown, is actually a vomit painter. She drinks colored liquids andpukes onto canvases to make wonderful works of art. Gaga herself wanted to be a canvas. Check out the video it's sick….. literally.

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by Flight Crew posted Mar 4 2014 11:39AM
Taylor Swift has a restraining order against one fan who claims they are husband and wife. The creepy stalker fan, Timothy Sweet, also vowed to kill anyone who gets in his and Taylor&rsquo;s way including Taylor&rsquo;s own family members. The &ldquo;22&rdquo; singer claims Sweet has been hounding her since January 2011, constantly sending letters, emails, and proclaiming his love for her through several social media sites. A judge has order Sweet to stay 100 yards away from Taylor and her family members.<br />
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