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Drug Addict?

by Flight Crew posted Mar 28 2014 11:13AM
Friends of Zac Efron are worried he has falling of the road of recovery and slipped back into drugs. At midnight Zac and his bodyguard took a drive into downtown LA where it is reportedly very dangerous and crawling with drug dealers. Zac told police his car had run out of gas when he and his bodyguard were attacked by transients. But his friends think differently. Reports claim Zac had went to rehab twice last year to kick his cocaine habit but nobody can confirm that Zac actually went. Now he is losing friends because he can not stay on the road to recovery. Police are skeptical of the attacks Zac claims happened. When policed arrived to aid Zac and his bodyguard they said his bodyguard was sitting in the car texting away. Friends worry for Zac because reports show that his “bodyguard” is actually a convicted drug dealer. It looks like Zac is slipping back down a dangerous path. Hopefully he can pull himself out before things get even worse.

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03/28/2014 11:13AM
Drug Addict?
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