"I can’t believe it's been over five years since I first went on air at Fly 92.9! As a Dayton native and graduate of The University of Tennessee, I got my start in Knoxville, Tennessee at WIVK-FM and came home to Dayton in 2008. I embraced everything a Daytonian should, with one exception... I'll always be a Tennessee Volunteer! Whether it's a Dayton Dragon's or Demonz game, a show at the Schuster, or heading to a Monster Truck show, I'm always up for what Dayton has to offer!" - Danielle

You’ve seen Danielle on Living Dayton, ABC News, and on location at dozens of events but you can cactch her live on air M-F from 9am- 3pm and Sunday’s 10am-3pm!

by Danielle posted Jan 6 2015 11:56AM
RESOLUTIONS.... We make 'em, we break 'em. Or, at least I do! LOL! I mean all I really want is to be skinny, fall in love, get rich, and quit any and all bad habits, is that too much to ask for? tsurprise

According to the federal website USA.gov Americans often make the same resolutions every year even though they don't stick to them. The top ten resolutions include losing wieght (Surprise!), Volunteering, Quit Smoking, and Managing Money.

What is your resolution for 2015? Did you already break it? Tell me about it! You just might make into the show! :)
by Danielle posted Dec 22 2014 2:50PM
Today we mourn the loss of music legend Joe Cocker. The grammy winning singer-songwriter lost his battle with lung cancer earlier today his agent confirmed. He was 70 years old. To read the full story click here...
by Danielle posted Oct 23 2014 9:00AM
Thank you to the Vandalia Butler Student Government for their 9 at 9 idea! Keep up the great work for the cause!!! If you would like to purchase an "Aviators For A Cure" shirt with 100% of the proceeds going ot The Noble Circle Project & The Pink Ribbon Girls CLICK HERE or send an email to jeanene.popp@vbcsd.com!

by Danielle posted Sep 22 2014 12:07PM
Fall is my favorie time of year... football, bonfires, and Halloween oh my! I LOVE IT. I will admit however that I'm not quite ready for what Autumn tends to bring to Dayton- Snow, Frigid Weather, and Christmas already in stores. UGH.  I broke out the Halloween decor yesterday and yes, it will ALL be up by the end of next weekend. laugh Are you ready for Autumn or are you just not quite over summer yet?
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by Danielle posted Sep 19 2014 1:18PM
I'll be spending what is supposed to be a beautiful afternoon in Greenville drinking Diet Coke!!! Stop by to pick up wings, burgers, chips & dip and some Diet Coke for your gameday, update me on the scores, and maybe take home a Fly 92.9 t-shirt! I'll  be at Eikenberry IGA, 1120 Sweitzer Avenue from 1-3 with prizes and Diet Coke!!!
by Danielle posted Sep 18 2014 2:33PM
Which artists do you think changed the course of music history? I'll start you off with who I think are the most obvious and then you tell me who's missing and why. Maybe it will end up in 9 at 9! You never know...

Here are a few obvious ones to me: Elvis, Beatles, and Nirvana

Your turn: READY, SET, GO...
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by Danielle posted Sep 9 2014 12:54PM

The results are in and Miami University has made the cut! I'm talking about the Top Universities and Colleges in the country... for PARTYING! cool LOL! Okay, okay so maybe it didn't rank among Princeton and Yale as the top schools but look on the bright side parents- at least it ranked on a famous list of schools! LOL! Here's the good news, when I went to The University of Tennessee it was ranked #1 party school and I turned out just fiiiiine... I think.

Here's the breakdown:

12. Florida State
11. Miami University
10. University of Florida
  9. Bucknell University
  8. University of Wisconsin
  7. Penn State
  6. LeHIgh University
  5. University of Illinois at Urbana
  4. West Virginia University
  3. University of California Santa-Barbara
  2. University of Iowa
  1. Syracuse University

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by Danielle posted Sep 8 2014 12:34PM
... the bar is called The Voodoo Lounge and it's located at Middletown's Land of Illiusion! Of course the brand new bar isn't the only thing killer (ha, ha) at this awesome haunted amusement park!  I had the opportunity to take a peak at what they had to offer Friday night and it was TO DIE FOR!!! (Pun intended. LOL!) Five haunted attractions, all of which will scare you stupid, and my favorite part- The Zombie Sniper Patrol! You actually get to shoot glow in the dark paintballs at real zombies! It was so cool! cool Plus the haunted attraction's actually last longer than 5 minutes... In fact, The Haunted Trail was 30 minutes long!!

What made it really nice is that The Stage of Rage was rockin' some great music that you could jam to while waiting in line! Plus, when it get's a little cooler there will be giant bonfire you can hang out around to keep warm.

I had my doubts before I went... Is it worth the money? Will the attractions be scary and last longer than 5 minutes? Will I be impressed by this so called "theme-park?" THE ANSWER IS YES, YES, YES! Check it out for yourself! Really... it's worth it!
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by Danielle posted Sep 4 2014 3:14PM

Sad news for the entertainment world and fans around the globe as we morn the death of famous comedian Joan River's who died today at the age of 81.

Reported on ABCnews.com:

"It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my mother, Joan Rivers," Melissa Rivers said in a written statement today. "She passed peacefully at 1:17 p.m. surrounded by family and close friends. My son and I would like to thank the doctors, nurses, and staff of Mount Sinai Hospital for the amazing care they provided for my mother."

(Read the full report here)

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by Danielle posted Sep 4 2014 12:19PM

You probably know by now that I'm a tv and movie fanatic so I just don't know how I'm going to have time for all these crazy good new shows coming up! I'm serioulsy a little stressed about it. LOL! frown Thank God for DVR!

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