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Crazy Lindsay

by Flight Crew posted May 1 2014 12:32PM
Remember when Lindsay Lohan released a list of all the guys in Hollywood she slept with? Well James Franco was on that list but he swears on his mother’s life he never slept with Lindsay. He did however admit to making out with her. It happened in 2004 when Franco was 25 and Lindsay was 17. The same age as the girl Franco tired to pick up on instagram just last month, weird coincidence. Franco said it’s very obvious to him and some of his friends that Lindsay liked him. He and Lindsay did cross paths again several years later when they stayed in the same hotel in LA. It was during Lindsay’s dark history days, when she drank all the time and did drugs. Franco said Lindsay tried to peruade the front desk hotel clerk to give her a key to his room. Of course she did not get a key but that did not stop Lindsay from breaking into his room. At 3am Franco was sitting on a couch eating chips when he looked up and saw Lindsay standing there. It’s clear now that whenever Franco and Lindsay come into contact things get weird.
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05/01/2014 12:32PM
Crazy Lindsay
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